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Only 7 weeks until Christmas!

There are only 7 weeks until Christmas. Make sure that your projector is ready for your end-of-year function, school production or Christmas party.

Check the remaining life of your projector lamp. Refer to your manual about how to find out the actual lamp hours and the maximum lamp life. If your projector already indicates to replace the lamp (either by a LED indicator or a screen message) it is about time to have a replacement lamp on hand.

We offer different types of replacement lamps

OEM (or Original Equipment Manufacturer) lamps are lamps as they are supplied originally with the projector. The bulb as well as the housing are made by the original manufacturer of the projector lamps. For projectors still under warranty we strongly recommend using only OEM lamps. Please keep in mind that the lead time for OEM lamps can sometimes be several weeks.

OBH (or Original Bulb in Housing) lamps still have an original bulb, but the housing is made by a large housing manufacturer. As the bulb is the same as in the OEM lamps, these lamps have the same performance as the original lamp. These lamps are a more economical option for projectors no longer under warranty. We stock the most common OBH lamps in our Auckland warehouse. If the lamp you require is a non-stock item, we can source that usually within a week.

Just recently we have added a third range of lamps:

CBH or CWH (Compatible Bulb With Housing) lamps do not contain original parts. The bulbs as well as the housings are made by a large projector lamp manufacturer. The price is substantially lower than for OEM or OBH lamps. The overall performance of these lamps is about 90% of OEM or OBH lamps. We do not recommend these lamps for usage in a professional environment. But these lamps are an option if you use an older projector only occasionally and want to keep it running for some time.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are unsure which of the above options is the best for you or if you have any other question about projector lamps. We are also more than happy to provide obligation free quotes with actual lead times.