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Projector Bulb or Projector Lamp?

What is the difference between a bulb and a lamp?

A lamp consists of a bulb with a reflector and cage - also known as lamp housing. A bulb is just one - but the most important - part of a lamp.

The ultra-high-performance bulb, a high-pressure mercury arc bulb - often known by the Philips trademark UHP - was originally known as the ultra-high-pressure bulb because the internal pressure is as much as 200 atmospheres.

The main OEM lamp manufacturers use different abbreviations for high pressure bulbs:

  • HSCR = High Pressure Discharge bulb (IWASAKI)
  • NSH = New Short-Arc High Pressure bulb (USHIO)
  • P-VIP = Premium Video Projector bulb (OSRAM)
  • SHP = Super High Pressure bulb (PHOENIX)
  • UHP = Ultra High Performance bulb (PHILIPS)
  • UHM = Ultra High Performance bulb (MATSUSHITA / PANASONIC)

Our OEM and OBH lamps only contain bulbs made by one of the above manufacturers.

Our CWH lamps contain compatible bulbs which are made by large lamp manufacturers. Other names for these type of bulbs are "generic", "OEM equivalent", ... The over-all performance of these lamps is about 90% of OEM or OBH lamps.

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