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Projector Brand: PANASONIC
Type: CWH lamp unit (Compatible bulb with Housing made by a large manufacturer of housings)
Lamp(s) in box: 1
Bulb Type: Compatible
Wattage: 275 Watts
Warranty: 90 days

Projector Models: PT-D5100 (Single Lamp), PT-D5700 (Single Lamp), PT-D5700E (Single Lamp), PT-D5700L (Single Lamp), PT-D5700U (Single Lamp), PT-D5700UL (Single Lamp), PT-DF5700 (Single Lamp), PT-DW5100 (Single Lamp), PT-DW5100L (Single Lamp), PT-DW5100U (Single Lamp), PT-DW5100UL (Single Lamp), PT-DW5700E (Single Lamp), PT-FD570 (Single Lamp)

We do not recommend that lamp type for professional use.

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