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Projector Brand: RCA
Type: OBH lamp unit (Original Bulb - as in OEM - in a Housing made by a large manufacturer of housings)
Lamp(s) in box: 1
Bulb Type: Osram
Wattage: 100/120 Watts
Lamp Hours: 2000 Hours
Warranty: 180 days

Projector Models: HD50LPW162YX3, HD50LPW162YX3 (M), HD50LPW162YX4, HD50LPW162YX4 (M), HD50LPW163YX3, HD50LPW163YX3 (M), HD50LPW163YX4, HD50LPW163YX4 (M), HD50LPW42, HD50LPW42YX, HD50LPW42YX1, HD50LPW42YX2, HD61LPW162YX3, HD61LPW162YX4, HD61LPW163YX3, HD61LPW163YX3 (H), HD61LPW163YX4, HD61LPW163YX4 (H), HD61LPW163YX6, HD61LPW163YX6 (H), HD61LPW42, HD61LPW42YX1, HD61LPW42YX2, HD61LPW42YX5, HD61LPW42YX6, HDLP50W151, HDLP50W151YX1, HDLP50W151YX3, HDLP50W162, HDLP60W164, HDLP61W151, HDLP61W151YX1, HDLP61W151YX3, HDLP61W162, HDLP61W163

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